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Wholesale Cupric Nitrate

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Copper nitrate Trihydrate CAS No.:10031-43-3:
Molecular Formula:Cu(NO3)2路3H2O
CAS No.:10031-43-3
Relative Molecular Weight: 241.6
Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)
Used for making pure copper oxide, but also for making other copper salts, copper plating raw materials. It's also used to make pesticides. It is used as mordant, copper catalyst and inflammable. Enamel industry as a colorant. Also used in the paint industry, for the manufacture of inorganic pigments.
Index NameIndex ValueActual Value
Cu(NO3)2路3H2O % 鈮?/p>99.599.51
Cu % 鈮?/p>2626.6
PH (50g\L . 25鈩?3.0-4.03.3
Insoluble substance in water, % 鈮?/p>0.10.002
Chloride content锛坅s CL-锛? 鈮?/p>0.20.01
Sulfate content 锛圫O42-锛?% 鈮?/p>0.10.015
Fe % 鈮?/p>0.020.008Wholesale Cupric Nitrate